Indian beatboxer-flautist duo wows judges on America’s Got Talent

Judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel couldn’t stop

praising Divyansh and Manuraj, winners of India’s Got Talent.

Neal E. Boyd Season: 3 Age at Win: 32 Talent: Opera singer  

Kevin Skinner Season: 4 Age at Win: 35 Talent: Country singer and guitarist 

Michael Grimm Season: 5 Age at Win: 30 Talent: Singer and guitarist  

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. Season: 6 Age at Win: 36 Talent: Singer

Olate Dogs Season: 7 Age at Win: 55 (father Richard Olate) and 19 (son Nicholas Olate) Talent: Dog act with pet tricks