DefamationCase: Here's why Amber Heard wants court to declare mistrial

In another unsurprising turn of events,

the high-profile criticism case between ex-companions Amber Heard and Johnny Depp may very well re-open.

On Friday, the Aquaman entertainer's legal counselors moved toward the court to proclaim a malfeasance

and claimed that some unacceptable hearer was situated on the jury.

Obviously, hearer No. 15 was not the person who was unmistakably expected to be important for the panel

After an ugly divorce in 2016, things got worse when Heard wrote an  op-ed piece in 2018 narrating her experience of domestic abuse.

In spite of the fact that Depp wasn't referenced, he recorded a $50M claim against his ex-wife in 2019 who later fought back with a $100M countersuit.

Heard eventually lost the defamation case and is reportedly unable to afford the damages incurred from the lawsuit.