New York has banned guns in many public places following a Supreme Court ruling

New York has banned guns in many public places following a Supreme Court ruling

New York has banned guns in many public places following a Supreme Court ruling

New York, July 1 (Reuters)-New York bans guns in many public places, including Times Square, on Friday, requiring gun licensees to prove their shooting skills and social media accounts. Passed a law to do. Submit an account for review by government authorities.
The law, passed in an emergency session, came into force last week by a groundbreaking US Supreme Court ruling to overturn New York’s gun control law. A conservative majority of courts have decided for the first time that the U.S. Constitution gives people the right to carry weapons in public for self-defense.

Democratic leaders in New York have accused the verdict and court of saying that there will be more gun violence when more people have guns.

They admitted that the state’s centuries-old permit system had to be relaxed to comply with the ruling, but sought to maintain as many restrictions as possible in the name of public security.

The court ruled that New York’s early licensing system, dating back to 1911, gave authorities too much discretion to deny a permit.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul, a Democrat who requested the uncommon meeting in the council, said the state’s weapon permitting guidelines had brought about New York having the fifth-most minimal pace of firearm passings of the 50 U.S. states.”Our state will keep on guarding New Yorkers from hurt, even notwithstanding this mishap from the Supreme Court,” she told a news gathering in the state capital, Albany, while legislators were discussing the bill. “They might figure they can completely change ourselves with the stroke of a pen, yet we have pens, as well.”
The court’s decision permitted that individuals could be restricted from conveying weapons in certain “delicate spots” yet cautioned legislators against applying the mark too comprehensively.The court likewise made it simpler for supportive of weapon gatherings to have a guideline upset. It decided that a weapons guideline was possible unlawful in the event that it was not like the kind of guidelines around in the eighteenth 100 years, when the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment was confirmed, allowing states to keep up with volunteer armies and characterizing an option to “keep and remain battle ready.
“The law passed on Friday makes it a lawful offense wrongdoing to convey a weapon into another rundown of delicate spots, including: government structures, clinical offices, spots of love, libraries, jungle gyms, parks, zoos, schools, universities, day camps, dependence support focuses, destitute sanctuaries, nursing homes, public travel including the New York City metro, where liquor or maryjane is consumed, historical centers, theaters, arenas and different settings, surveying spots and Times Square.


Law enforcement officers and registered security guards are exempt from restrictions on sensitive locations.

Republican legislators vote against the law coming into force on September 1 and limit the right to exercise armed rights against other constitutional rights such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion. He complained that he was doing it.

“Now it’s easier to get a hidden carry license,” Republican Rep. Mike Laura said in a debate. “But you won’t be able to carry it anywhere

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